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  • What Are Prostate Seed Implants?

    Getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary whether it’s your personal diagnosis or one given to someone you love. There are treatment options available that can make a big difference without involving the need for complicated surgical procedures. Prostate seed implants, for example, could provide the treatment required to get this condition under wraps for good.What Are They?Prostate... read more

  • What is Prostate Cancer – Know more about it

    Defining prostate cancer is something that every man should be concerned with. As the second most commonly occurring form of cancer next to skin cancer, this disease strikes about 1 out of every 6 men in their lifetimes. When it’s caught early and treated properly, the survival rate is extremely high. In fact, most men diagnosed with this condition... read more

  • A Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. Now What?

    Those who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are thrust into a world where there are many more questions than there are answers. And they are not alone. An estimated 232,090 American men will find themselves in exactly this position in the coming year. An estimated 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with this condition over the course of their... read more

  • Options for Advance Prostate Cancer Treatment

    There’s simply no way around it: a diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary. Fortunately, many men will find that advance prostate cancer treatment has come a long way in the past few years. What was once almost a guaranteed prognosis of lengthy treatment and the potential for sexual dysfunction has become much simpler to treat with the likelihood of... read more

  • Being a Healthy Cancer Caregiver

    Undergoing treatment for prostate cancer can be just as grueling emotionally as it is physically for many men. There is the uncertainty that is a part of any cancer diagnosis, as well as the overwhelming task of deciding on the appropriate treatment and putting together a plan that is aggressive enough to manage your disease as well as still... read more

  • Age & Prostate Cancer

    There are many factors that may determine if a man is at risk for developing prostate cancer in his lifetime, including family history, a diet high in fat, race (African-Americans are more at risk for developing prostate cancer), and alcohol use. Every man should be screened at regular checkups throughout his life but especially so - and perhaps more... read more

  • Diet, Lifestyle, and Prostate Cancer

    Having a key to unlock cancer prevention is something that everyone would love. Certainly any of us would do nearly anything to ensure that we - or someone we love - never has to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Of course, there’s no magic wand and nothing that any of us can do to absolutely guarantee that we won’t... read more

  • Testing for Prostate Cancer

    Most of us understand the variety of tests that we must do as a part of our annual routine to ensure our continued health as we get older. This includes routine examinations that allow us to determine if disease may be present before we begin to present with symptoms. This type of early screening is essential for finding disease... read more

  • Genetics in Prostate Cancer

    There are many causes of cancer, not the least of which is smoking, exposure to pollutants and other carcinogens, poor nutrition, obesity, and more. With prostate cancer, other risk factors include age and race. In terms of age, it is very rare for men under the age of 40 to develop prostate cancer. In terms of race, African-American men... read more

  • Improved Testing Offers Hope for Prostate Cancer

    Effective testing for cancer of any kind is absolutely imperative if lives are going to be saved and quality of life preserved. When it comes to prostate cancer, mortality rates have decreased as more accurate testing has been developed that allows for earlier diagnosis and, as a result, the ability to begin treatment as soon as possible. As one... read more

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